Here’s a sample of commercial avionics design.We handled, from conception to production product, the re-design of the DFDAU, a 6MCU ARINC 600 data acquisition and control unit that is located in the avionics bay of the Boeing 767 aircraft. In order to maintain its market position, our client was challenged to re-design their existing product on a very tight schedule and to reduce the recurring costs by 50%. With the first unit scheduled to be installed in a specific, new Boeing aircraft, allowing no room for error or schedule slippage, our client contracted with us to perform the design, and to provide two dip brazed prototypes and six production cast aluminum units.

We started with a detailed budgetary analysis of the various manufacturing alternatives to allow us to select the one with the lowest recurring manufacturing and labor cost. We took responsibility for all mechanical design, thermal and dynamic analysis, detail/assembly drawings and vendor contracting and interface.

We coordinated the selection of the prototype and manufacturing vendors and oversaw the production of the first eight articles. We also conducted flow bench testing and supervised the QUAL testing of the unit for our client. In total, we met the rigorous schedule and delivered a product that bettered recurring cost targets, allowing our client to significantly expand its once shakey market position.