Here’s a sample of a ruggedized rack and panel design.RBATSON

We designed a ruggedized RBATSON Uplink/Downlink Encryptor unitfor use by the National Security Agency for secure tactical command communications. The chassis we designed is rack mounted with rugged ball bearing slides and rear shear pins to withstand the rigors of a flight or shipboard environment.

The main chassis design is a 12 1/4 inch high, convection cooled, 19 inch rack mount, .090 thick aluminum interlocking dip brazed sheet metal TEMPEST housing. The chassis was designed to accommodate four separate EMI cavities which contain large controller and processor PWB’s, I/O connectors and electronic keys. A removable, dip brazed top cover was designed to contain a hollow core 1/4 inch round elastomeric EMI gasket to seal all TEMPEST cavities and allow quick access to the control electronics.

The machined front panel is EMI gasketed to the chassis and contains two custom elastomeric switch pads and integral electronics. EMI gasketed doors are provided to facilitate replacement of multiple electronic keys. The unit is designed, fabricated and tested within 90 day deadline and passes all TEMPEST requirements.