HMD RF Power Amplifier

Here’s a sample of cost-driven commercial ruggedized rack and panel design.POWER AMPLIFIER

We designed a HMD RF Power Amplifierfor installation in cellular repeater stations. The unit is a cost driven, high quantity production sheet metal chassis compatible with 19 inch rack mounting.

The designed unit incorporated a formed .090 thick aluminum sheet metal front panel and side panels. A machined, extruded heat sink was designed to serve as the heat sink for all of the high power RF power components and circuitry which dissipate 500 watts. Muffin fans are located below the heat sink with sheet metal baffles to direct the air through the fins. Digital metering components, internal self protection and alarm circuitry are mounted behind the front panel.

Minimalist packaging strategy allows unit to surpass all cost bogies and is cornerstone product for client.