Free Standing 19 inch Cabinets

Here’s a sample of custom commercial 19 inch rack mount cabinets for an integration lab application.CABINETSWe designed a pair of custom Avionics Bays as part of a System Integration Lab for a local major aerospace firm.

The cabinets are compatible with standard19 inch rack mount commercial equipment which is to be installed in the bottom areas. The middle areas have provisions for large sheet metal panels used for the installation of several military aircraft displays. The upper areas contain adjustable shelves to mount various “black boxes” that are part of the avionics subsystem.

The bays are commercial 16 gauge steel welded sheet metal construction, with a 14 gauge self locating steel structure. Hinged doors with removable hinges, magnetic gaskets and gas springs are provided in the front and rear. Four inch casters allow for easy movement of the cabinets. Cable openings with removable cover plates provide for cable egress in the top and bottom of the cabinets.

When the cabinets are delivered, all equipment “falls in place,” prompting the comment, “We’ve never seen anything this complete from our design group.”