Dual Removable Disk Subsystem

Here’s a sample of a commercial office environment rack and panel design:CABINETS

Dual Removable Disk Subsystem for classified use in an office environment. The disks are placed in a safe at night.

We packaged a 5.25 inch Winchester hard disk in a low cost sheet metal module with an aluminum investment cast front panel containing status LED’s, power switches, interlocks and a cast handle containing integral insertion/extraction levers. The disk was isolated with four Aeroflex isolators at the corners of the disk to prevent shock and vibration damage to the disk during handling when the module was removed from the 19 inch rack and stored in a secure area at night. Zero insertion force connectors were utilized due to the high number of insertion/removal cycles.

The 19 inch rack mount main chassis was fabricated from .062 thick aluminum sheet metal with investment cast aluminum mounting flanges. All unit I/O, module interface connectors, power supply, interlocks and I/O electronics were located in the rear of the chassis.