3719 Air Data Test Set

Here’s a sample of vehicle rack and panel design.AIR DATA TEST SET

We designed a 3719 Air Data Test Setfor use as flight line test equipment to calibrate the altimeter, airspeed indicators and associated equipment for commercial aircraft. The unit is designed to be rack mounted in an automotive van and withstand the rigors of shock and vibration during transportation.

The finished unit consists of a machined front panel with a display and neutral density filter, thermal printer, and keyboard attached to a low cost, formed aluminum sheet metal frame. The frame is divided into top and bottom sections, with all transducers and associated pneumatic components mounted in the top area for easy maintenance, while the bottom area provides for mounting of all of the electronic modules. Removable top and bottom covers were designed to allow easy access to the electronics and pressure transducer elements of the system.

The unit is designed, fabricated and tested within 60 day deadline utilizing paperless fabrication techniques (transmission of solid models of individual parts to fabrication vendors).