Our Process and How we work

The Mintzlaff Design approach is simply to provide our customers what they need, when they want it and at the cost expected.We always spend considerable time up front with our clients before submitting a quote to define the specific characteristics and attributes of the product to be designed. This process provides better definition of the project, avoids surprises in the design and often allows us to offer development alternatives that reduce the final recurring cost of the product.
The benefits with working with us are:

  • Technical Excellence – Our core staff have an unparalleled breadth and depth of engineering experience. They lean on that experience to come up with and deliver the best solution to engineering challenges based on your requirements and budgetary constraints. For example, we know how to select the right fabrication approach to drive a design to control both recurring and non-recurring costs. Our associates in related technical disciplines bring the same experience and application capability to projects when we call upon them. And, we use only the latest in computer-aided design equipment, testing and analysis tools in performing our work.
  • ┬áSpeed – Designs, drawings and documentation are completed in the shortest time possible, almost always faster than could be done in-house. A combination of the vast experience of our team members, a focused approach and an entrepreneurial structure allow us to place our priority on doing the work, unencumbered by organizational trappings that rob from productivity and that increase costs.


The process we use in actually designing a product is a cross between a structured approach and one that is iterative and creative. That is, we apply enough discipline and structure to the process to ensure that schedule and performance goals are met while insuring that a client’s key management and engineering staff have input at every critical step of the development process. As needed, we iterate designs, have prototypes fabricated, conduct tests and use other engineering processes to make sure that the ultimate product will meet a client’s requirements.One of the major benefits of working with Mintzlaff Design is our “no bull” approach to doing business… We quite simply do what we say we are going to do. 

  • Schedule Reliability – We deliver on time, period. On the front end we factor schedule demands into our project plan. We drive the plan to meet the schedule, including keeping vendors on schedule.
  • Budget Certainty – We work on a fixed price contract basis whenever feasible. The exceptions are when costs of certain phases of a project cannot be accurately determined until some initial design work is complete. In these cases, we firm fix price the initial phases and provide “rough order of magnitude” estimates for the balance of the project. We then replace ROMs with a firm fixed price as the necessary data becomes available for us to provide an accurate quote.
  • Team Work – We know the importance of working closely with a client’s staff. Our goal is always to add to, not detract from your team. We go out of our way to fit seamlessly with your staff, involving them at critical junctures of a project. Yet, we are always mindful of keeping out undue costs and overhead from unnecessary meetings and the like.