Case Study – National Security Agency / Mykotronx

The KG-227 is a classified, high reliability, low weight, uplink/downlink encryption system for use in an extended space environment. The unit environment included TEMPEST EMI, nuclear survivability, .35 g2/Hz random vibration, 30,000 g’s of pyrotechnic shock, cold plate cooling (hard vacuum), and VLSI high power components requiring metal core printed wiring boards.

Due to the short six month development cycle and challenging environment, we elected to package the electronics in a machined aluminum housing with the PC boards and all high power components in intimate contact with the housing for good thermal management. We included additional support and structure in the housing to satisfy the severe dynamics issues.

Both thermal and stress analyses were performed in parallel with the mechanical design to avoid rework, to prevent QUAL testing failure and associated schedule slippages. We provided machine shop liaison during the fabrication process and tool paths were taken directly from our CAD files.