Case Study – Hughes Electronics

The challenge was that the unit had to be designed to be smaller, lower in power dissipation, lighter in weight and less costly than any other in the worldwide commercial market and be installed outdoors in third world countries. We also had to meet the aggressive cost and schedule bogies established by our client for a first production run of 30,000 units.

We started by creating a preliminary design that integrated their previous technology and the known requirements. Early in the schedule, we made and delivered models of our initial design, allowing our customer and end users to evaluate and make invaluable design suggestions which were integrated into the product.

We then guided our design through the fabrication of machined prototype housings

and mounts; investment cast pre-production units and die cast production units while meeting the incremental cost goals and schedule commitments during the various parts of the project.

While the manufacturing tooling was being created, we designed and fabricated all of the production test equipment.
In addition to the design of the radio, we designed a revolutionary articulating mount that has been awarded three US patents.