MRS-006A Radar Equipment Enclosures

Here’s a sample of ruggedized COTS equipment.

MRS-006A Radar Equipment EnclosuresMRS-006A Radar Equipment Enclosures. We designed two large (approximately four foot cubed) light weight, aluminum, riveted construction sheet metal enclosures for a classified military helicopter radar application.

The two cabinets sit near the engine in an extreme heat area. Both cabinets were designed to use heat exchangers, interior thermal insulation blankets, and high impedance fans to circulate the cooling air. Each cabinet had to be designed to accommodate approximately 600 lb. of rack mounted commercial radar electronics mounted to an internal frame. The frame was shock isolated to the outer cabinet with Aeroflex isolators.

The design had to meet twenty "g" crash safety and airworthiness stress analysis. The design also needed to operate reliably in a low frequency random vibration environment of a helicopter. The program was completed within six months, on time with an aggressive, fixed delivery date and two major changes of scope by final user.