The Mintzlaff Design engineering team is composed of professionals who each have over 20 years of experience in the design and packaging of complex military, spacecraft, avionics, commercial electronics and telecommunications equipment.

We have the capability to support every aspect of the product development process, depending on a given client’s needs. We are frequently called upon, for example, to spearhead the entire product development process for clients, including conceptual design, mechanical, electronic and software design, prototype fabrication and checkout and laying the finished product on a client’s desk.

We are able to provide this broad array of support and be highly cost competitive by augmenting our core, in-house engineering team with a cadre of expert, technical specialists from related disciplines.

Whatever the roles we undertake on behalf of clients, our goals are always the same: to make sure to integrate a client’s strategic, cost and electrical priorities into our designs.

What kinds of projects do we do?

Spacecraft and avionics equipment:As veterans of the Space Race Era, we have designed innumerable products deployed in military aircraft and satellites. Assignments range from designing spacecraft and missile “black boxes” to night vision cockpit instrumentation. We also specialize in the design of electronic enclosures for military aircraft, including forced air and convection cooled ATR units.

Flight line test equipment and ruggedized COTS:

As an adjunct to our military projects, we are often called upon to design portable flight line test equipment used by the Navy or Air Force or to repackage commercial equipment in a custom enclosure with a shock isolation system so the equipment will survive a severe vehicle or flight environment. These systems have ranged from commercial to military.

Rack and panel equipment:We have designed numerous 19 inch rack and panel drawers, cabinets and custom enclosures and CRT consoles used primarily as system test equipment or control equipment for industrial systems. Some have been purely commercial in nature and severely cost driven, while others have been purely for military use with TEMPEST EMI and severe shock and vibration requirements.

Telecommunications and Commercial electronic equipment:

We have leveraged our extensive packaging experience in the military arena with our broad based of knowledge of different manufacturing techniques and applied them to the design of high volume, low cost commercial and telecommunications equipment products.