Each of our in-house staff and associates has over 20 years of experience in their respective specialty areas. All of our core staff has had the advantage of working at the “cutting edge” of the engineering profession during the expansion of the aerospace industry and the “Space Race”. We know how to apply that experience to the complex design problems of today’s competitive, cost driven environment.Our staff have also all had the opportunity to live with many products over their entire lifetimes, working closely with manufacturing and reliability departments in solving subtle problems that often crop up two or three years after product introduction. Over the years, we have learned how to apply this experience in the front end of the design of clients’ products, mitigating the kind of problems that often occur downstream. Or senior staff and associates include: 

  • Rick Mintzlaff, President and Mechanical Engineer
  • Jeff Paul, Senior electrical engineer
  • Tod Gentille, Senior Programmer
  • Fernando Paludi, Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Dave Clarke, Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Erik W. Olson, Materials Engineer
  • Richard Fisk, Industrial Design Engineer
  • Ben Bufkin, Senior Printed Circuit Designer
  • Roni Plachta, Phd., Finite Element Analysis Specialist
  • Fred Falkner, Phd., Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis Specialist